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Craps Cheating

No matter what casino game you can think of there will have been, at one time or another, someone who has decided to cheat on that game, and players have been cheating, or at least trying to cheat at the game of Craps for hundreds of years now.

Whilst cheating at any casino game is of course highly illegal it never ceases to amaze us just how ingenious people can be in their determination to rip off a casino, and in this section of the Slots Jam website we shall take a closer look at some recent attempts at cheating at Craps.

Loaded Dice

Loaded Dice has been going on for years and casinos are very well aware of this scam and now have several methods in place to detect this scam, so do not be getting any ideas of trying it out!

As you know the game of Craps is played with a set of dice which are thrown by the Shooter and it is the result of this roll that players are betting on.

Scamsters soon realized that by using slight of hand they could swap the casinos set of dice for their own modified dice and make a killing, the Scamsters dice would be weighted to ensure that no matter how they were tossed certain numbers would always appear.

When going undetected a fraudster and any team members in on the scam could make a lot of money, and then swap the dice back once they were ready to move on.

Nowadays casinos constantly change and check the dice during before and after a game, so getting away with the this these days is impossible.

Past Posting

Past Posting is an art and many Scamsters have mastered it, it calls for nerves of steel and simply entails a player putting a wager onto the Craps Table after the dice have been rolled.

Obviously once the result of the toss of the dice is known by past posting a player guarantees himself a payout as he know the result and huge fortunes can be quickly accumulated.

However actually getting a bet onto the table after the dice has been thrown is hard and these Scamsters will use distract methods and slight of hand to quickly and hopefully get these wagers on to the table layout whilst being undetected by the many staff who man the Craps game.

Past Posting is also used a lot on the Roulette table but thanks to the eye in the sky CCTV and staff being aware of this going on the number of people past posting is small.

Chip Stealers

Due to the chaotic scenes often associated with the Craps table coupled with the increased security measures put in place by many casinos which practically negates the possibility of players cheating many Scamsters have turned their attention away from cheating the house and instead have focussed their efforts on robbing fellow players.

Most players will not think twice about sitting at any casino game with their chips piled in front of them, but we bet not many of them would be as careless with the security of these chips if instead it was a pile of banknotes!

Chips Stealers often work alone and will look for opportunities as and when they arise to sneak chips away from players when the player is distracted by the game.

Unfortunately not many players will notice the odd chip vanishing from their chip stack and this means these Scamsters can and do get away with this crime time and time again.

The moral of this story is that you should always, and we mean always keep a close eye on your casino chips as you never know who is watching them and you!

Crooked Casino Employees

It is true to say that staff employed by casinos do not earn a great deal with many on them relying on tips to make their wages up, and just like players who turn their attention to cheating quite a number of casino staff do the same.

If a casino player teams up with a casino employee they can rob vast amounts of money right under the eyes of their managers and the security staff by using several methods.

The most common is by paying out incorrectly, when a player has a winning bet the corrupt casino employee will over pay them, however this isn't as easy as it sounds as they have to ensure the eye in the sky cannot see them do this along with ensuring the Pit Boss isn't watching.

One ingenious way of overpaying players was by using a chip cup, this was a simply device which, on the outside looked like a stack of low value chips, when in reality this was in fact a cup type device which the dealer placed over a pile of high value chips.

When a player won their bet the dealer would give the chip cup to the player and the CCTV and Pit Boss would simply see a stack of low value chips when in fact inside this cup was a pile of high value ones!

Online Craps Cheating

Major online casino software companies ensure that the software which powers their sites is 100% safe, secure and honest, they do this by ensuring that both their random number generators and gaming logs are regularly audited by third party organizations.

By getting their games audited it not only enables the operators of their sites to ensure all is well but it gives players the peace of mind in knowing that they are not being cheated.

Some online casino software companies have been known to rig their games to make it impossible for players to win, fortunately savvy players soon latch onto their cheating ways and these sites quickly close down.

To avoid you falling victim to these less than honest casino operators we suggest you stick only to playing at our showcased casino sites which have had their games and random number generators fully audited.

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