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Craps Etiquette

There is one casino game that has a very relaxed form of etiquette and that is the game of Craps. If you have ever witnessed a game in full action it can be a very chaotic scene, with plenty of shouting and joviality.

The one person at a Craps table who should be given some respect apart from the casino staff of course is the Shooter, this is a player just like yourself and it is he who is tasked with rolling the dice.

Even if the dice thrown are not helping you win you should still not blame this hapless person as soon enough it will be your turn to throw those dice and you don't want any abuse of fellow players!

To enjoy the game just remember that Craps is a game of entertainment and whilst the winning streaks can be long ensuring you keep calm and enjoy the camaraderie you will have plenty of fun.

The most important part of Craps and the etiquette surrounding the game is to ensure you place your bets at the right time, remember there are several bets that can only be placed at certain times of the games structure.

There are usually four different casino employees whose job it is to ensure the game of Craps runs smoothly and it is these who will ensure you do not accidently place the wrong type of bet.

You will find a Boxman, a Stickman and two Base Dealers, these all ensure the game runs as it should and they are always on hand to offer any help or answer any questions you may have.

Many land based casinos offer a Craps School at quieter times of the day and if you have always been intrigued by the game and wish to learn how it both plays and pays then sign up to one of these training sessions and you will soon be playing Craps like an old pro!


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