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California Craps

There is a variant of Craps which is known as California Craps and this is rather a bizarre version as it not only uses dice as the means of determining the result of the game but also a deck or decks of cards are used in conjunction with the dice to randomly ensure the result of the game is both fair and random.

This game of California Craps can be a little confusing to understand as first and there are several variants of the game and in this section of the website we shall take a look at each of them.

Viejas Craps Variant - This is a version which uses a much smaller table than the normal, standard game of Craps and often a large shoe of cards is used holding several hundred cards which are obviously numbered one to six to represent the dice.

The game is played by two cards being dealt out to replicate the rolling of the dice, however it should be pointed out that when playing this game as the cards are not returned to the shoe after being used the overall odds attached via the remaining cards left to be dealt in the shoe will change accordingly much like in Blackjack where a card counter will use the history of the cards dealt out to determine what cards are left.

Pauma Craps Variant - This is an interesting version of Craps which uses 73 cards in the shoe, the make up of these cards are an equal division between the Ace to Sixes and one addition card that card being a Joker.

When the Joker is the very first card drawn out then no action will take place and another two cards are drawn to replicate the throwing of the dice. However should the second card that is drawn be the one Joker then it will be classed as the same as the first card dealt.

The reason for there being a Joker in the deck however is that there is an additional side wager on offer which will return a payout of 59 to 1 or as it is described 60 for 1 should the first card indeed be this Joker card.

There is also another side wager on offer and here you are placing a wager on the first two cards being dealt both sharing the same matching suit if they do your payouts is 13 to 1 or as it is described 14 for 1.

However it must be pointed out that the house edge attached to both these side bets are enormous and should be avoided at all costs!

Pechanga Craps Variant - is another variant of Craps which uses cards instead of dice, and on this version two different sets of cards are used, the reverse of each deck is a different colour for identification purposes. The cards is each deck are only those cards which can be used to represent the faces of the dice I.E. Aces to Sixes.


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