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Crapless Craps

There are several wagers you can make on most casino card and table games, which may on first appearance look like a good bet, take the Insurance wager for example on the game of Blackjack, on first impression with a payout of 2 to 1 if successful you might think it is worth taking however this bet should always be avoided as it has a huge house edge.

Similarly when you are given the choice of either playing the American Roulette variant or the European variant it never ceases to amaze us how many player will opt for the American version. This is a bad choice as this game has two zeros in place on the wheel and that means yet again the house edge is huge and thus gives player very poor value.

Alas the game of Crapless Craps is another of those games that on first appearance may seem like a brilliant game but when you take a close look at the rules, payouts and house edge you will soon discover that is it not a good a game as you first may have thought.

You won't find many, if at all any online casinos offering the game of Crapless Craps however there are several land based casinos who offer this game and to give you to better understand of it we suggest you have a quick read through of how this casino table games works.

So Crapless Craps is a variant of the standard game of Craps and the main difference is that it boasts the rule that a players will never be able to lose when he has placed a Pass Bet on the Come Out Roll.

How this works is that should any number be rolled in (except of course a 7 on the come out roll) then this number instantly becomes the point.

However this means that the 11 which is a guaranteed winner on the normal game of Craps is in effect given up and thus this has an immediate effect on the payout structure.

Whilst on the face of it you may think that with just the 11 bet being given up in reality you end up replacing one guaranteed winning roll with three otherwise losing ones and it doesn't take a genius to realize that is a bad bet!

You see the probability of rolling in the point on either a 2 or 12 is just 1/7, whilst the odds of rolling in either a 3 or 11 is 1/4. Therefore you really are not getting much of an advantage on the on the 2, 3, and 12 as in all likelihood they will lose.

The mathematics behind this state that you are giving up the winning bet of rolling in an 11 and getting in return a 1/4 chance of winning.

This means that the house edge on the pass bet on this game of Crapless Craps is 5.382%, when the standard game of Craps has a house edge of a much smaller 1.41%

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