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Die Rich Craps

With a name like Die Rich this variant of Craps leaves a lot to the imagination! It is however yet another version of Craps however this one uses just one dice instead of the industry standard two dice, you will not find a great deal of places offering it as it is more on a novelty type game which is occasionally wheeled out!

With just one dice in play there is a slightly different structure to the game, however as in standard Craps the game will commence with with the player making their initial wager which is the Pass Bet.

One the wager has been placed the game will move on in earnest with the player tossing the dice, and just like in a normal game this is termed the Come Out Roll.

If a six is rolled in by the Shooter then any bet which has been placed on the Pass Line Bet is a winner and the payout of these bets are paid at odds of 1 to 1 I.E. even money.

However this Pass Line Bet will be deemed to be a losing bet if a one has been rolled in.

All other number that roll in those being a 2, 3, 4 or 5 will then be classified as The Point and then the Shooter has to roll the dice once again, should the second roll of the dice produce The Point number then this has of course been established and the player will win.

Should a One be rolled in before the point has been Established then the Pass Bet will be a losing wager. The number of rolls it took for the Shooter to roll the Pass Bet will be used to determine just how much the payout will be.

If the Shooter wins on the Come Out Roll he is paid out at odds of Even Money. If The Point is rolled on the second toss of the dice the payout is 2 to 1.

If The Point is made on the third toss of the dice the payout is Even Money and is the Point is made on the fourth roll of the dice then the payout is again 2 to 1. Any other roll making the Point is deemed to be a losing wager.

A smaller table is used to play the casino game of Die Rich Craps and whilst it is extremely rare to find it anywhere these days it is an interesting variant to play.

There have been one or two land based casinos that have showcased this Craps variant however we have yet to find an online casino which offers it, should you find one feel free to let us know!

For information on several other Craps variants please have a good look around the Craps Jam website as we have got several of them listed along with the game play rules and payout structures for each of them, so get looking around and enjoy your visit.



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