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Street Craps

The term Street Craps refers to the variant which is played on the side walk, namely without a Craps Table and cash being used instead of casino chips, this is gambling in its most basic form and its roots trace back many years to ghettos across the land, whilst the game is often looked at as some form of hustle being performed by those running the game it is often a legit game but definitely in its barest form.

The playing structure on Street Craps is exactly the same as in normal Craps games with one player being nominated as the shooter, he then along with everyone else places their bet with the shooter then rolling the dice to set the game in motion.

The main difference between Street Craps and the game found in a casino is that it is the fellow players who match the shooters bet, once his entire stake has been matched then other partaking in the game may, should they so wish to, bet amongst themselves with each of them covering each others bets by taking the opposite view in terms of the betting opportunities, thus doing away with the need for the casino/house.

The first toss of the dice on Street Craps is the Come Out Roll and much like in standard Craps the game will come to an abrupt end should any of the following numbers be rolled in; 7, 11, 2, 3, or 12. On the other hand if a 7 or 11 be rolled in then the Shooter has won and the game ends.

Those assembled players who have wagered amongst themselves will get paid out at even money should they have placed a bet that the Shooter will win (when he wins the game), however should a 2, 3, or 12 be rolled in then the Shooter loses as does everyone who had a bet amongst themselves that he would win, and therefore those who covered the Shooter to win bets takes their opponents stakes.

Should any of the following numbers be rolled in; 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 then that particular number will be deemed to be the point and then the Shooter rolls the dice again in the hope that he will roll the same number as the point before he rolls in the number 7.

If the number 7 appears before the Shooter manages to roll in the point number then the player loses and all those who matched his bet will take his losing stake.

The idea is that the Shooter has to keep on rolling those dice until such a time that he wins the bet by rolling in the point, when he does he will be paid out be everyone who matched his bet, side bets can be placed during the time it takes to roll in the point again or a 7. All in all it is simply a gambling game played between players however it is illegal in most states!

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