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Craps Odds

With so many different wagering options available on the game of Craps it can be slightly confusing for novice players trying to work out which Craps Bets offer what odds, so in this section of Craps Jam we will present to you a quick glance guide showing each of the different betting opportunities and showing you the exact true odds for each of them..

It should be pointed out that the payouts you will receive for all the following events will vary from Casino to Casino, but by knowing the exact Craps odds you will get a good indication of whether the payout odds offered by each casino are generous or not, as the case may be.

True Odds

Let's begin with the two most popular wagers placed on a Craps Table, the first is the Pass Line/Come Bet the odds of throwing this in are 251 to 244 and the odds of throwing in a winning Don't Pass/Don't Come Bet are 976 to 949. The payouts you will receive for either wager are generally even money.

The Pass Bet Odds and Don't Come Bet odds are fairly good value as they give you the exact payout odds as their respective true odds however a 5% commission is generally charged on such wagers.

There are three different true odds for each of these wagers and these along with their respective odds are as follows: For a 4 or 10 the odds are to 2 to 1, for a 5 or 9 then the odds are 3 to 2, and for a 6 or 8 the odds are 6 to 5.

Moving on to the Donít Pass Bet Odds and Donít Come Bet Odds, these again give you the same payouts as the odds of each of them being successful and the 4 or 10 odds are 1 to 2, a 5 or 9 is 2 to 3 and the 6 or 8 odds are 5 to 6. The commission on all of these wagers is also 5%.

The Field Bet odds offer true odds of 5 to 4, and these are for the numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12.

The Place Bet Odds are in three different groups, and for numbers 4 or 10 the true odds for this event are 2 to 1, whilst the odds for 5 or 9 are 3 to 2. Finally we have the 6 or 8 and the true odds for this are 6 to 5.

Hardway Bet odds can tempt many players to wager on these events due to the larger payouts, however these larger odds are a reflection of the true odds of any of them being thrown in.

Take the numbers 6 or 8 the true odds are 10 to 1, and the 4 or 10 true odds are even larger at 10 to 1, however with a huge house edge attached to both wagers that larger payout does not necessarily make these wagers good bets to make!

One Roll Bet odds offer a wide selection of betting opportunities and the following are the true odds on any of these events happening:

Any 7 odds are 5 to 1, any Craps is 8 to 1, any 2 or 12 craps is 35 to 1, and the true odds of any 3 craps or 11 are 17 to 1. The Big 6 and 8 true odds are 6 to 5.


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