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Craps Strategy

Whilst some people state that they gamble purely for fun and entertainment the real reason for playing is to end up with more money than your started with and the only way to do this realistically is to put into place a good Craps strategy.

There are several ways that a savvy Craps player will try and hopefully succeed in putting in place a winning Craps session and with this in mind we are going to present to you a few little pointers that may help you have additional winning sessions when you next play Craps either online or offline.

Starting Bankroll - Whilst common sense dictates that you should only gamble with money you are prepared to lose, your starting bankroll should be put in place and every wager you place on the Craps table with have a direct reflection on how much money you have in your bankroll

There are some additional ways to increase your starting bankroll for example some casinos will welcome you as a new player by giving you what is known as a sign up bonus, these are often a percentage added to your initial deposit as a welcome offer.

You should however be aware that most sign up bonuses will have very strict terms and conditions attached to them, so ensure before accepting any such offers that firstly the game of Craps can indeed be played with said bonus and also find out how many times you will need to play through this bonus before you can make a withdrawal.

Comps are also given away freely by both land based and online casinos and these are simply a way to earn additional little extras each and every time you place a real money wager, so a good Craps Strategy is to ensure you have signed up and become a member of the respective casinos comp club before you place your first real money wage.

Once you know what your starting bankroll roll is you should then work out what is going to be the amount of money you set as your unit stake, the best guide is to divide your stake by either 25 or 50 and then use that as your unit stake.

So if you begin your Craps session with $100 dividing it by 25 will give you a unit stake of 4.00 or dividing it by 50 will mean each wager you place will be worth 2.00.

The reason for working out your unit stake is that it allows you to have a reasonable amount of games per session and the more games you get the better chance you will have of getting on a winning streak, whilst conversely allowing you to ride out any losing streaks!

Win and Loss Limits - Whilst it may seem a little strange for you to work out in advance how much you are prepared to win or lose on each Craps session you make it is a very important part of any players strategy and one that should be done.

You can set your win and loss limit at any amount you wish, however the more greedy you become the lesser chance you will have of actually hitting your winning goal!

The art of becoming a good gambler is of course knowing when to stop playing and this can be when you have won or lost.

A sensible winning goal should be when you have increased your initial starting bankroll by around 50% and a good time to stop playing is when you have lost around 50% or your bankroll.

So if you are going to play Craps with 100.00 in your pocket then always keep in mind that should you lose around half of it on a particularly bad session then call it a day when you still have 50.00, walking away when you are losing can be hard but it is better to stop playing and still have some money left!

If you have been rolling in plenty of winning bets then try and lock in a profit, once again by calling it a day and stop playing when you have increased your bankroll by 50% of your starting balance is a good way to instill some self control and by doing this you will get the buzz of becoming a regular winner!

Understanding the House Edge - Betting on a horse with winning odds of 100 to 1 is not something you will be doing every day of the week as it doesn't take a genius to realize that this horse will never or extremely win such a race.

This is similar to placing wagers on a Craps table, you will need to know inside out the exact house edge of every single wager on the layout, as some offer a tiny house edge or even true odds and some offer a very poor return and a massive house edge.

Stick to placing wagers which have a 50/50 chance (or less) of coming in and placing only wagers on betting opportunities which have the lowest house edge attached to them

Compare Payout Odds - There can be a huge difference in the payout odds available on several betting opportunities offered by both land based and online casinos.

The savvy professional player will think nothing of spending some time researching which casino offers the best payout odds, and this is something you should also seriously consider doing for yourself.

There are plenty of different casino software providers online, so if this is how you have chosen to play Craps via the online environment then take some time to find out which providers offer the best odds and pay backs.

Being a completely random game you are going to experience both winning and losing sessions, but you should be aware that by playing online you are going to be able to play more games per session than you would playing at a landbased casino, so adjust your way of playing accordingly and don't get too carried away when playing!


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