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Home > Table Layout

Table Layout

Quick Glance Table Layout Guide
1: Betting Positions 2: Dealers Chips
3: Table Limits 4: Cash Drop
5: Craps Bets 6: Chip Values
7: Player Controls Type: Playtech
Craps Table Layout
Click on Image above to view full size Preview

Craps Table Layout.

1. Betting Position These are the standard player betting positions, and this is where you place your chips on the layout to place a wager.

2. Dealer Chips This is where the Dealer stores his chips, all winning wagers are paid out from this area and all losing player bets are placed here.

3. Table Limits All Craps tables have a small sign like this one which displays the minimum and maximum bets of that particular table.

4. Cash Drop When a player has exchanged bank notes for chips this is where the Dealer places them.

5. Craps Bets This is where you place all your Craps type bets, simply place your chip or chips where you wish to wager.

6. Chips Values You can alter the value of your chips at any time, to do this simply click onto the chips in this area that you wish to become the value of your playing chips.

7. Player Controls All of the player controls will appear in this area of the screen, They are all controlled by you clicking your mouse on them.

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