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Craps Tips

As Craps is a game of chance with relatively no skill involved it does not require players to study the game inside out in such a way that Poker players do to try and improve their game playing prowess, once you understand the game play rules you are good to go and should soon master the game.

However there are several Craps playing hints and tips which novice players may find advantageous and we have listed several of these below for you.

Online Craps Free Play - All of the Online Casinos you will find listed on our website will let you play Free Craps, so if you have always fancied giving it a try but have never had the opportunity then simply log into any of the casinos listed as a guest player as by doing so you will be able to see how the game flows and will get a feel for how and when to place certain Craps Bets.

Taking Craps Bonuses - Many online Craps sites will offer new and existing player bonuses, however one handy tip is for you to always read through the terms and conditions attached to these bonuses before you accept one as often they will stipulate that Craps play has an increased play-through requirement.

Keeping a Level Head - If you have ever seen a Roulette game in full flow you will often see players going bet mad, this means they start to place wagers on all betting positions and seem to have slightly lost the plot!

Learn the house edge of each game and only place wagers on betting opportunities that have a low house edge as this will give you a sporting chance of having a winning session, never be tempted to place loads of different wagers when playing Craps!

Getting Comped - Both land based and online casino want your Craps action, and all of them are prepared to pay for it via comp clubs and loyalty schemes, so before you start to play make sure you are a member of the casinos comp club.

Online casinos will automatically enroll you in their loyalty programmes and as such every time you place a real money wager in their venue you will be earning these comp points which, once you reach certain thresholds you can exchange your accumulated points for free cash and free casino chips..

Table Limits - Table Limits are in place for a reason and this is to protect the house against players simply doubling up their wagers in the hope of winning back previous losses.

These double up wagers are known as Martingales and are the quickest way to losing your bankroll! Never be tempted to keep on doubling your wager when you have had a losing bet as it can seriously go against you when you have had a back streak of losing rolls and the table limits will also stop you from eventually winning back your losses!

Shooter - Players take it in turns to be the Shooter in land based casinos, however you are under no obligation to roll the dice and should your turn appear you can request to deny being the Shooter in which case the next person in line will take on this task.

In an online casino you will not have to worry about this as the casino software will make the rolls for you and as such you need to be aware that you can play many more games per session online than you would playing at a land based venue.

Fair Craps Games - You may have come across stories which tell you how people have used loaded dice to cheat when playing Craps in a land based casino.

Security measures have changed over the years and cheating at Craps is now virtually impossible. If you are playing at any of our featured online casinos then each roll of the dice is determined by a random number generator which ensures complete integrity of the game and ensures it is completely random and fair.

Help and Advice - The casino employees are there to help you should you have any questions what so ever when you are playing Craps and are only too happy to show you how to play.

Many land based casinos run free Craps Schools during the day, here you will be shown, in a relaxed atmosphere, how to play Craps. Should you wish to learn how to play then this is a great way to do it before playing for real money!

Playing Strategy - The more savvy gamblers will always set themselves a flexible goal when playing Craps and will therefore preset their own winning and losing limits.

You will have to realize that your wager amounts will need to be in relation to your bankroll as placing too large a bet when you have a small bankroll you stand a good risk of busting out earlier than you expected.

One good rule of thumb is to divide your bankroll in 50 and use this as the unit stake levels your will be playing Craps at. So for example if you have $50 to play with then each wager you place should be $1.

You should then have a stop limit in place which can be a realistic amount that should your bankroll increase to this amount then you will stop playing and lock in a profit.

Many players tend to look to double their initial bankroll but the more sensible ones will stop playing when they have increased their original starting bankroll by 50%, so if you started with $50 and your have worked your bankroll up to $75 then call it a day and enjoy your winnings!

Knowing When To Stop - Playing Craps or in fact any gambling game should be an entertaining way to spend some time, however you need to know when it is time to stop.

If you are experiencing a losing streak or simply are not enjoying the game then call it a day and stop playing and save your money for another day.

Should on the other hand you have had a winning streak then never forget where the cash out button is and learn to make regular withdrawals!

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