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Win at Craps

If you play Craps then you will no doubt want to win at Craps, so you will probably be thinking is there are useful hints or playing tips that can increase your chances of doing just that, well yes there are and what we aim to do in this section of the Craps Jam website is showing how you can increase your chances of winning when playing Craps.

To begin with we should point out that not every Craps wager you can place on a Craps table is a good bet, just like in the game of Blackjack where the Insurance wager should always be avoided there are lots of bets that you should forget about placing at a Craps table as the house edge which is attached to them mean they offer very poor value and will result in you losing your money more quickly over the long term.

Craps Bets to Avoid

Place Bets - The 4 or 10 bet is one that should be avoided as they have a huge house edge of 6.7% attached to them and therefore offer extremely poor value for players.

Another Place bet that you should forget about placing is the 5 or 9 bet as you will be battling against a house edge of 4% which is similar to slot machines!

Hardway Bets - If you thought the above bets offered poor value then you ain't seen nothing yet! The Hardway 4 or 10 bet has a house edge of a massive 11.1% so forget about placing this wager.

Similarly the Hardway 6 or 8 bet gives you a very poor payout and the house edge on this must avoid wager is a horrible 9.09%, so once again always avoid placing it, unless you have more money than sense!

Good Value Craps Bets

True Odds Bets - The beauty of true odds bets is that they payout the exact amount as the event you are wagering on happening, much like when you toss a coin, the odds of you picking correctly either heads or tails is even money.

You will however discover that some casinos will charge you a commission on such wagers, however it can be prudent to shop around as some only charge you commission on winning true odds bets and some offer a reduced amount of commission which is lower than the industry standard 5%.

Match Bets - Some casinos offer a match bet when you play Craps, they will give you a voucher which you must place underneath or alongside your wager and should you win then they will give you the value of the free match wager.

Look out for such coupons and free bet offers when you are out and about in places such as Las Vegas as there is often plenty of value to be found.

Sensible Staking Plan

You will often find that players who claim they can never win when playing Craps will be placing wagers that their bankroll simply cannot handle, meaning they are placing too big a bet based on the amount of money they have to gamble with.

Common sense dictates that if you are playing with a bankroll of say 200.00 and you are placing 100.00 bets you will not be playing for very long if you have a couple of losing Craps bets!

The players who last the longest and get a sporting chance of actually winning are those whose stake levels are such that their bankroll can handle some losing streaks.

So if you do plan on playing Craps then make sure that the amount of each wager is a fairly low equation of your bankroll, this can be any amount you choose from 1% to 5%, so if you have 200.00 to play with them don't be afraid of risking just 2.00 per bet as you will get plenty of action for your money.

Knowing when to walk away from a Craps table is another important factor when you want to play, so why not impose a win and loss limit on your staking plan.

Aim to stop playing whenever your starting bankroll grows or decreases by 50%, or if you are planning on playing for a while then put a proportion of your winnings in your pocket and stop playing when your bankroll becomes exhausted (whilst keeping the money you put in your pocket)!

Bonus Playing

When you are playing Craps online you are going to get offered loads of different bonuses by online casinos, especially if you have never played at that particular casino before, and many savvy Craps players will know that these bonuses can help not only increase your bankroll but also give you a great chance of winning when you first start to play at any casino.

You will of course need to do the maths behind these bonuses and take a good, long, hard look at the terms and conditions which each bonus will have attached to them.

Some bonuses will permit you to play Craps, some won't and some casinos will make you play an increased play through when accepting one of their welcome bonuses, so it is important for you to familiarize yourself with all of the conditions these bonuses have, however there are some really generous ones out there if you have the patience to track them down and do some shopping around!

In addition to bonuses all casinos both online ones and land based ones give you comps when ever you play their Craps games for real money so once again do a little shopping around and compare the comps offered by various sites before choosing one at which to play as the levels of extras via these comps can vary from site to site.

Don't forget that you are never obliged to accept an online casinos bonus and if you have found one added to your account and you don't want it then make sure that before you start playing you contact the customer support team to get that bonus removed, they will not remove it once you have started playing!

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